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Wellness tonic, anyone?

Fresh squeezed juices are a treat around here. Once on our way home from Charleston, SC my husband and I stopped at fantastic local breakfast restaurant called Joseph's, and we ordered fresh squeezed orange juice. I was aghast at how expensive it was, but the moment I tasted it, I understood. You can feel it nourishing your cells within minutes of it going down. A tonic of life giving energy and goodness, I never forgot how special it was.

In my suburb of Atlanta, we don't have any local juice shops, but a few years back hubby and I splurged on a pretty good home juicer. While we don't juice daily, we do appreciate it occasionally. Today's occasion? We've had several family members fall ill following a fantastic Christmas together. I looked up some inspiration online, made a trip to the store, and washed off the machine. Today I'm sharing two of the recipes I juiced up to take my parents while they rest and heal.

No special claims are being made here, just that you'll know if you try them how wonderful they are! 

wellness tonic juice fresh lemon orange carrot ginger turmeric

detox juice renew fresh lemon apple celery parsley ginger

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